Keeping Your Positive Attitude When Things Go Negative

by Michael Corthell

We have all faced crises and negative situations in our lives. It could be something minor like someone spreading rumors about you, getting a flat tire or your hot water heater fails. It's also called having a bad day.

The key to overcoming any negative situation
and succeeding is maintaining poise (balance) over panic.

When you are in situations like this it is admittedly difficult to keep your mindsets positive. Your natural inclination is to release your anger by swearing and maybe even throw a few things to release tension. Any negative reactions will make the situation worse and you will filled with negative emotions and in fact will attract even more negativity.

''When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.''
—Harriet Beecher Stowe

You can beat negative situations by keeping a positive attitude. Always remember that the attitude you take when faced with any negative situation is a choice (also remember that life is a series of tests, with some being more difficult than others).

Let see how better to cope when things go off track.

It's certainly not the only way, but the very best way to get through a negative situation is to keep a positive mindset and attitude. It is not easy at first and requires practice and a disciplined mind, but you can do it. You may not succeed every time (that's why I call it practice). But, you will eventually learn to control your reactions by developing the coping skills you need.

Control your response. Stop. Put your mind in neutral and just breathe. When you have calmed down and have thought the situation through clearly then think about your response. You will have to do this in every negative situation, large or small. It will become habit.

Learn from. Take every bad situation as a learning opportunity. Stay sharp and focused so that you will remember it all. You are 'buying' a form of 'stress insurance' for the future.

Admit it. If you are the cause of any negative event, own up to it and accept responsibility. Release that energy. Remember that guilt causes extreme stress too. You don't need to compound it.

Keep YOUR Positive View. Never allow your opinion of someone to become colored by a negative situation. Keep a positive view about a person or a situation and never jump to conclusions. Always be proactive (take ACTION) in dealing with adverse circumstances, not reactive (feel emotion and do nothing).

Latch on to all positives. Minimize the negative by taking action and doing the best with what you've got on hand. Always add hope to something better to the equation. Emphasize your positive attitude by your actions and in your words. Eliminate any negative thoughts generated from a negative situation — nothing good is ever gained from a negative reaction to a negative situation.

Finally, affirm the positive truths you know to be true about yourself and your life. Avoid flip-flopping between a positive and negative mindset. When negativity comes STOP and put your mind in neutral and then just breathe, flip any negative thoughts to the positive side and stay there.


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