What is the Karma of America by Audrey Hope

What did America do to deserve so much turmoil, despair and political divide? Why are things happening the way that they are?

 Karma is the higher laws of truth and justice, the natural laws of cause and effect, and the extension of Newton’s 3rd Law- for every action there is a reaction. And so, every thought, word, deep, action has an effect. For more information read Emerson's Essay COMPENSATION

Karma is always working, it is impersonal, objective, exacting and plays no favorites with no exception. 

The purpose of Karma is not to just work out your karma, but to evolve the soul and become your best divine self. 

We meet with the Karmic board and plan out the soul path and life plan and decide how much karma we want to work out, and never more than we can handle. 

We can heal karma through grace, true healing and accountability and self- realization which is the evolution of the higher self. 

 Why some people have it easier than others

“There are 2 lines of karma- for those who are lost sheep, and follow the dark, it will only appear to be an easier path, (but it isn’t). 

We always reap what we sow.” 

For AMERICA NOW, we are at an evolutionary crossroad of light vs dark, and we all have to choose which road we are going to take. It is a difficult time, but also a wonderful opportunity for mass self- realization and transformation.

America is the eagle, the spiritual vision, the beacon of hope and the leader of freedom. Through our founding fathers, who were spiritual masters, we built a nation upon spiritual concepts.

We the People, by the people, for the people. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Audrey explores America’s good and bad karma – The good karma- being the leader of democracy since 1776 and following laws of the constitution and with a good will and heart, helps everyone.

 The bad karma, the truth not taught in schools, is that we are a nation built on the back of slaves trodding on stolen land. We are paying the karmic debt of Columbus, the Pilgrims, the genocide of the Native Americans. We are a country of prejudice. Many of our leaders were slave owners. America stole resources from foreign lands and continues to destroy our environment. 

We are materialist and greedy and we are still paying for the sins of Bush in Iraq. Audrey quotes Yogananda, the great guru who said “every nation has good and bad karma but America has more good karma than bad.”