What are the Causes of Negative Thoughts?

by Michael Corthell

Some people, including many medical practitioners, believe that negative thinking stems from a defensive reaction. That it is the outgrowth of prevention. It is a defense mechanism that causes a person to look for what is wrong, so that they can protect themselves from danger, but it is a very dangerous strategy by itself, because our thoughts actually become things—thoughts create reality—have a negative mindset, get a negative reality.

So instead of preventing bad things from happening, these negative thoughts are telling the subconscious mind to manifest them. Always dwelling on the darkness creates more darkness. The good news is, that just the opposite is true also.

Negative thinking, in reality, is simply thinking about what you don't want and positive thinking is thinking about what you do want. Just ask yourself then, ''Do I focus more on what I do want or what I don't want?

And your answer was?? Okay, good. For most of you the answer was, ''What I don't want.'' I said 'good' because now you know where you stand and you can begin to correct/reset your mindset.

Negative thinking isn't only routine habit, it is an addiction. And it should be considered the mother of all addictions. It is therefor instinctual, but we have exceptional brains that house even more exception minds. When God designed us, he gave us the power over our own thoughts. And it is our choice to walk the bright and sunny path or the crooked gray road to ruin.

To sum up the cause of negative thoughts and thinking: Why do most of us think negative thoughts and dwell on what we don't want?

  • Negative thought and thinking is a defense mechanism that makes us to look for what is a danger to us so that we can protect ourselves from that danger, but it can be very bad strategy because our thoughts can actually create that negative reality. So instead of preventing bad things from happening, we are telling our subconscious mind to manifest them.
  • Negative thought and thinking is reinforced by our parents, teachers and society at large. Even those born positive are fighting an uphill battle because our world is in a negative state. If those who raised us think negatively, and most all do, we were taught to do the same.
  • Negative thought and thinking concerning ourselves and the world around us has caused us (as a race) to lack confidence and many have lose faith in having a positive life and positive world to come. If you believe that you are undeserving, your thoughts will make it so.

Human beings are molded by their thoughts; we become what we think and what we think about the majority of the time. When our minds are pure and positive, happiness arrives and follows us like an early morning shadow.

Your mind is your reality, it is the whole Universe, personalized by God for your soul to experience His love and all creation. When it is tuned and attuned to the positive and used properly, it can attract and create the most amazing, wonderful and beautiful experiences. You only need to decide WHAT YOU WANT. No one can, or will do it for you.

It may take some time and it may not, it is up to you and your level of desire. I encourage you to choose wisely. Choose a positive life. By taking that positive path you will find a place of joy, happiness, peace, and abundance.

''So do not worry, saying, ''What shall we eat?'' or ''What shall we drink?'' or ''What shall we wear?''  For the unfaithful run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.''
—Jesus (God incarnate)

You can choose to better your life and all the conditions in your life, when you choose positive thoughts and allow your mind to dwell on them. Thought is the actual, real causative force in the Universe, there is no other. The only way to improve your circumstances in life is to change your thoughts from negative to positive.

Removing Negative Self Talk 

by Abria Joseph

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