Preparing for Success

by Michael Corthell

A woodsman was once asked, “What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?” He answered, “I would spend the first three minutes sharpening my axe.”

You have to prepare for success by preparing yourself for success.

Before success arrives in your life, you should devote yourself to preparing the way for it. Polish your skills and strengthen your body so that you can do your job and enjoy success when it comes.

Strengthen your mind and spirit so they are ready to face the challenges that accompany a truly successful life. If you are not ready when opportunity knocks, you will be unable to open the door. And it may not knock again.

Success will come to you when you consciously decided where your path should begin and where you wanted it to end.

If you're still trying to convince yourself of your own worth, how can you possibly persuade your employer, or your customers and clients that you have top notch skills and abilities?

Do what you can, but do it well. Do your own research, but don't let the small points deter you from your mission. And DO NOT listen to anyone else unless you're relying on a trusted professional.

YOU are the one person who can make your dreams a reality.


See Problems As Opportunities | Mona Patel 

In business and in life it is easy to say "I can't." To fall prey to politics, bureaucracy, constraints and a lack of ideas that keeps you stuck on a problem. In this talk, Mona Patel takes you through a proven technique that shifts a mindset from "can't" to "can." A shift from a seeing a problem as an opportunity space. "Can't" is a mindset that you can design around.