Make No Alibi, Make No Excuse

Too many excuses, and not enough results equal failure.

by Michael Corthell

Excuses (or alibis) everybody uses them. It is our nature as human beings to make excuses for not doing something we should have done.

Alibis are rationalizations we make to ourselves about persons, experiences and circumstances. We create reasons to defend our behavior, to neglect taking a part or participating, or we simply want to avoid responsibility. It is common and that is way it is uncommon for most of us to truly reach our full potentials.

''Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.'' 

—George Washington Carver
By making an excuse we are allowing ourselves to justify our decision to avoid a certain task or behavior. The negative trait of laziness perhaps, brought on by the human organisms penchant for avoiding discomfort and pain? I think that's it.

Living a life of excuses can (and will) have very serious and lasting consequences. Alibi mastery will prevent us from reaching our full potential, but it will also hold us back from recognizing opportunities, talents and skills we have, things will surely help us become a better people.

So, how can we stop doing this chronic excuse making?

Know that excuses or alibis hurt both others and yourself. As soon as that sinks in, you’ll wake up and be more mindful of how your actions are affecting yourself and others.

Vow not to make excuses again. Put that habit to rest. Symbolically have a funeral for your alibis. Going through the motions of putting those excuses to rest is something that will work. It is a promise you can and will keep.

Feeling lazy again? Refuse to allow yourself to give in. If you feel yourself relapsing and tempted to make an excuse, don't. Stop, think and know that half the battle is identifying that you’re doing it.

''He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.'' 
Benjamin Franklin
As critical as Franklin's quote is, it does describe some people we all know. Sometimes people get so locked in to making excuses about things, that they forget to focus on making the best of every situation no matter what the outcome. 

Life is good, so let's keep it simple by making no excuses, and having no regrets. Focus on solutions, and not why you can't find the fix. All of us are guilty of making alibis. The people who do less excuse making, make more progress in life and are therefore more successful.

Stop making excuses. Create your own reality
by Gary Whitehill

Gary is a relentless entrepreneur and driven philanthropist with a footprint on four continents; broad experience spanning entrepreneurship, M&A, business turnarounds, and Fortune 50 board directorships. Seasoned in structuring the macro-level dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems, Gary has been featured in industry-leading publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Inc. and the New York Times, and delivered over 50 presentations to audiences around the World on many topical facets of entrepreneurship.