The Light of Truth

Human beings not here to curse the darkness.
We are here to love the light of the truth and be the light.

by Michael Corthell

Light is what allows a person to see in the dark—to be able to see what is hidden. It uncovers the occult and reveals knowledge.

We who love our neighbors, live in the 'light'. What does that mean exactly? It means that love, itself, generates its own illumination.

''Light is to darkness is what love is, to fear; in the presence of one the other disappears.''
—Marianne Williamson

God Himself is Love and the Word of God is like a lamp. All of God's Word is Truth and It generates Light.

It is a light that illuminates the darkness. If a person is walking through the woods at night, it would be good to have a flashlight to shine on the ground in front of them, so that they don't trip over something, or they don't whack their shins on something hidden. The Light of the Truth is the same, it reveals, so that we can avoid missteps and injury.

''Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the Truth.''

The meaning of 'Light' and 'Truth' in this context are synonymous. The word "truth" channeling the illustration of light and what it means. Light illustrates, clarifies, emphasizes, and expands the abstract idea of 'Truth'.

Regarding the redundancy of the 'Light of the Truth', many writers, including ancient Hebrew scribes who wrote the Bible, used a method of 'doubling-up' or 'folding-over' a word, a term, or a phrase, so that one will emphasize the other, despite both meaning essentially the same thing. This way of writing shows a concept from two slightly different views so that its meaning is strengthened.

A thing that shines gives light. By doing this a shining object cannot help but reveal itself. Conversely, when we ask God to reveal Himself, He responds through the symbolism of light or shining. 

Light cannot be hidden in darkness. When that Light shines we immediately see it—our eyes are attracted to it. It is seen by all, but unfortunately it has been and is ignored by many.

"God, make Your face to shine on us, revealing Yourself, 
so that we can see You and have direction."
—King David

I am writing about this obvious Truth, about the Light because the darkness of hate is indeed passing away—all good people—everywhere can feel it. It may not seem that way, as of this writing, but truthfully it is—the signs are all around us. In fact, the true Light of the Truth is already shining. The majority of people just have to stop ignoring it. More, and then more and more will recognize and accept this Light. When the 'tipping point' is reached, the negativity that permeates the world presently, will fall away.

Currently, there are many who claim to be in the Light, but at the same time they hate other people for who they are or where they were born. They are still in darkness by refusing to accept the Light of the Truth. 

Every person must decide for themselves whether they will live in the light of love and creativity or die in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

Anyone who loves their fellow man, unconditionally lives in the Light. That means that there is nothing in them to make them stumble, trip or fall. However, anyone who hates another human being lives in darkness, and therefore walks around in the dark. They can't know where they are going, because living in darkness has made them blind.

God is love, and love is the Light of Truth. 

This Light has to come from inside you...all you have to do to remove the darkness from your mind, is to ask it to leave. The only way to do this is by turning on the light. ''How?'' you ask. By asking the Light of the Truth to come and live inside you. 

Truth, lies and light
by Jenny Radcliffe 

Ms. Radcliffe is an expert in the psychology and tactics behind Social Engineering attacks, as well as negotiations, nonverbal communication and deception. She has a strong academic and corporate background, and was a senior procurement leader before becoming a consultant and trainer in both negotiation and procurement strategy and skills. She lectures at several business schools at Masters level in many business topics and is a guest lecturer in both security and procurement disciplines.