Are You Spiritually Awake?

by Michael Corthell

Many people today are choosing to wake up spiritually. For some it is instantaneous, for others it is a slow maturing process. A spiritual awakening is the realization that we are all connected to the divine creative force of the Universe and to all life. It happens to all people, however some have to, or will wait until after physical death, which is normal if that is a person's human role and divine destiny.

''Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.''
—Carl Jung

You are a divine creation. You are a divine being. You are made in the image of God, your Creator. You were created to create. Dwelling within you, largely untapped, resides the infinite wisdom and knowledge of the Infinite Intelligence and the sacred creative force of all that is, will ever be and ever was. When you are awakened you can begin to use this power.

Most people are searching for a pain-free existence. That is not possible during our time here, in fact pain is part of the spiritual awakening process. Anyone who wishes to 'wake-up' will have to understand that the process starts with developing a positive mindset. A mindset that takes the pain of life and spins it around—using the negative experience as a positive tool for growth and learning.

So, therefore your spiritual awakening is not all light and happiness. For most of us, it can, and probably will involve accepting, and removing some very evil, heart wrenching trapped negative emotions from the past. With a new found awareness, we will allow for the release of this karma and learn to replace it with the light of the truth.

What does a spiritual awaking look and feel like? Look for these signs:

New freedom. While in the process of waking up, people start to release old belief systems and ways of living. They begin to 'think outside the box', questioning our physical reality, a reality once thought 'normal'.

Less is more thinking. People start to realize that there is peace in living more simply. Instead of buying more 'stuff' and filling every corner of their homes with that 'stuff', they find themselves selling or donating the 'stuff' they already have. They are practicing minimalism.

You are being called. More than likely the person who is waking up gets a 'wake up call' to do something different vocationally or even avocationally. They are being called to fulfill their life's purpose.

Healing thy self. People being drawn into the light of the truth will look to surround themselves with inspiration, positivity and practice personal development. How to eat better, and live longer. How to stop worrying. How to be spiritually, mentally and physically fit and strong.

Going naturally. People waking up are drawn to the natural world because they are now understand that they are part of it—fully connected. This dawning realization allows them to step away from the material world that has been shielding them from the divine energy of the Infinite Intelligence (God). The natural world will begin to speak with them and communicate the light of the truth.

'Riding the cycle of sleep'. Many, if not all, people who are waking will have trouble falling asleep at first. Their minds are more active and that keeps them awake. A spiritual awaking brings with it a burning desire to achieve a positive life goal or purpose. In the beginning of the waking process it may be hard to direct this energy and this unbalances the sleep cycle. The majority of people report that they either have trouble falling asleep or they start waking up from sleep earlier some at 2:00 a.m. and but most around 4:00 a.m.

Pray an little prayer with me. Most people pray or at least have inner conversations. The awaking process increases this prayerfulness. These 'conversations' and prayers will increase, and they will become smoother, more coherent and more focused. Many people, some who have never written before start. They start journaling and some even write books and novels.

Knowing everything has meaning. A person's spiritual awakening has made them more aware of the connectedness that is going on around them. It is the realization that there are no coincidences. This connectedness is called synchronicity. Synchronicity a tool of the Infinite Intelligence. It is always guiding us. The person who is becoming awake spiritually is starting to 'pay attention'. These synchronizations all have meaning; they are showing us the best path.

Dream a little dream with me. Awaking can mean intense, vivid dreaming. These dreams can be positive or negative. People waking up spiritually have to release the negative energy that has been built up, and these energies from past experiences are often stylized by wars, and conflicts and running to escape. They also are connecting with creation in a positive way, so much of the dreaming will be symbolic of peace, inner and outer, eventually becoming the norm.

Gradually, the awaking process will settle down. The awakened person will gain confidence in themselves. They start looking for solutions within. They are starting to discover that they simply know what is right, what is just in the world. A spiritual awaking is a new level of communication both with themselves and with God. An awakened person's dreams take on new dimensions and a deepness of understanding. They gain new inner coherence, focus and fluidity. And maybe the most important part is the ability to observe and understand what is happening all around them.

Spiritual Solutions
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