Toward Humanity's Self-Actualization

by Michael Corthell

A positive mindset, thinking positive thoughts, and knowing that all will be well, all begin with Faith. Your belief in a first cause (God), by having a positive mindset, plus the action of doing good, and being good is the path to health, happiness and self-actualization.

When enough people are convinced that this is so, the law of attraction will begin an automatic process, making it possible for all people on Earth to have and share this positivity. The human race will then be transformed, actualized, and be firmly set in the spiritual age. An age where all the minds, of every soul are free to express and create to their full potential.

When we replace negative thought patterns with a positive mindset,
 we will start having positive results in all areas of our lives.

There is a duality that balances the Universe but understanding that duality leads to a realization of 'oneness' as described by Emerson. Currently, human life is unbalanced due to our limited Faith and humanity's overall negative mindset. We have been living in the (church) age of sin. How do we get out of this age of 'learning the hard way'? How do we then reach the positive tipping point? That point where the gravity of the law of attraction takes over? Answer: By the conversion of thought. —  by helping one person at a time walk on the sunny side of the street. No more and no less, it is the simplest formula.

Next question is, how do we do we accomplish the positive conversion of enough people to push past the threshold of negative thought? We show them the way. How? By showing them the Truth. How do we do that?? With the Light of the Truth.

Money buys power and power enforces agenda.

The world, as it is right now, can be fully described as being controlled by a pyramidal hierarchy. A few at the top dictate to the many below them:

There are several theories about this, but the first step in controlling the world is through the control of money. Money buys power and power enforces agenda. The documentary THRIVE describes this fully and is recommended(with *qualification) for your viewing, simply click HERE. If you want a shorter explanation of how the world works, you can view this video. Both have the same message. THRIVE is very slickly produced, but has it's own agenda which this author holds to be *false. But to get an idea of the pyramidal structure of global governance by elite oligarchs it is also very good. The second documentary summarizes the first but again has elements that are simply *false. If you watch and listen to what is being said and presented you will, at the very least, start to 'wake up'. Today can be the day that you actually 'see' how the Universe is set up. It is of course up to you, because your mind is your own and you have the power to choose.

How about a new world where there is true equality for all people and in all things? It's coming.
But for now, as we wait for the positive critical mass to be reached, how do we, in practice, deal with all the negativity that surrounds us each day?

Here are some practical steps that will keep you sane while the process of humankind's actualization takes hold:

Set limits and boundaries. You do not have to sit and listen to any thing negative. Would you stay in a room if it was filling with toxic fumes? Negative people can be just as toxic. You are appositive person. Be nice until it is time not to be nice. Negativity does have its place especially in defense of good.

Avoid whiners and chronic complainers. They are dark energy sinks and will pull your positive energy out of you and flush it down a black hole. If you have to be around such people for any period of time be positive but be guarded and keep smiling!

It is not your job to cheer them up, but you can try to help. However, it is always good to keep in mind you may not be able to help, and you are not obligated to do so. In dealing with negative people be supportive, but again remember to set boundaries.

Do not 'mirror'. Be mindful of all spirits of negativity and consciously reject those spirits. If you are not aware of them you can be sucked into that negative spiral.

If you would like to help, use 'appreciative inquiry' techniques. This is a process of asking questions to help the person see a more positive future and have a better, more positive mindset. You can say things like, ''What would you like to happen next time to make things better?'' or ''Was there anything positive that came out of that situation?'' These questions should then lead to a story about what a more positive future will look like, and how to achieve it.

Avoid lecturing. It does no good and can lead to negativity itself. If you cannot help, be polite but firmly tell the other person you need to leave. You can be honest too. That is a positive that many do not like, but it is effective and it will either keep the person from continuing to bother you or set a better tone for a future interaction.

Action vs reaction. Knowing full well that it costs nothing to be positive minded and that it costs everything to have a negative mindset. Always take positive action toward negative people. Smile, be kind and supportive, but be on guard.

Having a positive mindset will carry you to a rock solid, firm belief in your ability to successfully live a healthy, happy life.

Having a positive approach to life's challenges, and trying to make the most of bad situations, again costs you nothing. Bad stuff does happen, seemingly at random. You may be disappointed by a loved one or even hurt by them, but this does not mean that the world or the Universe is out to get you by any means. What it does mean is that we are all tested and thereby strengthened by any adversity.

You, being a good human being, a divine spirit with a positive mindset will always look at the situation rationally and realistically. You will always search for ways that will solve the problem or at the very least improve the situation. There is no other way to have a truly happy, healthy, and fulfilling existence other than to be filled with Faith and positivity.

   Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck)

by Alison Ledgerwood

Alison Ledgerwood joined the Department of Psychology at UC Davis in 2008 after completing her PhD in social psychology at New York University. She is interested in understanding how people think, and how they can think better. Her research, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, investigates how certain ways of thinking about an issue tend to stick in people's heads. Her classes on social psychology focus on understanding the way people think and behave in social situations, and how to harness that knowledge to potentially improve the social world in which we all live.