Eight Traits or Keys for Success

by Michael Corthell

There is an old and slightly odd and humorous saying, ''To succeed, just keep on sucking, until you do succeed.'' (you will never guess where this writer first heard that saying!) That 'proverb' has to do with one of the eight traits to be great: persistence. If you fail at something (suck at it) keep at it until you no longer suck at it. But there's more...

Not everyone becomes to success in the same way, but they will all have many traits in common.

Here are eight traits(keys) that most successful people have as distill by researcher and interviewer Richard St. John:

  • Work: Really hard.
  • Focus: On one thing, not everything.
  • Push: And keep on pushing yourself.
  • Ideas: Come up with some good ones.
  • Improve: Keep improving yourself and what you do.
  • Serve: Serve others something of value.
  • Passion: You have to want it.
  • Persist: Never give up.

  • These are the basic traits. If you have them, you are on your way, but if you don't, develop them. Success never comes easy, it doesn't work that way. Knowledge and acting on it is power. 

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