Imagination is a Workshop in the Corner of Your Mind

by Michael Corthell

Imagination is a workshop in the corner of your mind, a shop where new ideas and concepts are formed and experimented with. The forming of new ideas and then translating those new ideas into concrete reality is a human trait. We all have this power. How do we use it well, and use it fully?

It has been said that whatever a human being can imagine he can turn into a reality and that nothing is 'impossible'.

There are two identifiable forms of imagination. The first is SYNTHETIC IMAGINATION. In this workshop we arrange old concepts, ideas, or plans into new ideas or combinations of ideas. This kind of imagination doesn't create anything. It works with the material of experience, education, and observation that has been accumulated by the imaginer.

The second and more mysterious of the two types of imagination is CREATIVE IMAGINATION. This mental process is in the neighborhood of the 'twilight zone', a place of infinite possibilities.

Through its use the finite mind of the human being has direct communication with infinite mind of God. (Infinite Intelligence). It is the type of imagination where intuition resides and hunches and inspiring thoughts are received. (see Sixth Sense)

This is the PLACE where all new ideas are handed over to mankind by God. Creative imagination is also the facility where the thought vibrations of others are received. It is through this faculty that one individual may "tune in," or communicate with the subconscious minds of other people.

The creative imagination works automatically, but it works best when we are in a state of strong emotion that is linked with a very strong desire to achieve something. In other words we are ready, willing and able to take definitive, strong ACTION—our minds are ready to receive.

Ideas are the starting points of all achievement, success and wealth building. These ideas are the products of imagination.

How can you develop your Creative Imagination?

Keep your mind open to new ideas. Take a walk down unexplored paths.

Read. Creativity and imagination are sparked by learning new things.

Be a story teller. People like to listen to new stories and everyone has a story to tell. Practice imaginative and creative thinking by telling as many stories as you can.

Be a curious person. There's that learning thing again. New learning sparks creativity and increases imagination.

Try new activities, do new things. If you keep on doing the same things, then you will keep on receiving the same things. Challenge yourself.

Become more interested in the world. Creativity is fueled by desire and passion. Seek out knowledge about everything, as much as you can.

Identify and develop your talents. We all have God-given sets of skill or talents. Focus on developing these talents.

Spend time with people who are creative. Brainstorming, planning, and forming a mastermind group will keep creative juices running, fostering new ideas.

View things differently. If your creativity is running low, look at things from a new angle. You will find a fresh approach to things that will trigger new ideas.

Have a talk with God through meditation and prayer. Focus on what you are trying to conceive and create. Ask for wisdom and understanding.

Ideas are intangible dynamos of energetic force. They have more power than the brain that conceived them. It is scary how powerful the imagination actually is, so use this power wisely.

''Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.''
—Albert Einstein

Imagination: the power of creativity
| Tom Bates | TEDx Bournemouth University

A creative mind is a mind full of magic. Imagination is the key to unlocking that magic. In this fascinating and insightful TED talk, Tom Bates; Author and Peak Performance Coach, provides key insights on unlocking the power of creative imagination, and explores how believing in the power of dreams can turn your optimism, energy and inspiration into big success.

Over the past 10 years Tom Bates has become a recognized pioneer in Peak Performance Coaching, creating and applying fast easy and accessible performance enhancing techniques to elite sport based on the science of psychology.