Spiritual Exercise

by Michael Corthell

Spirited, good spirits, evil spirits, free spirit, kindred spirit etc. We talk a lot about 'spirit'. We know what 'spirit' is don't we?

The primary definition of 'spirit' is: the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in life forms, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

The word 'spirit', from Latin spiritus meaning 'breath', has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body.

We will both leave it there and start from here. Your spirit is you with all it's power or lack of.

Let's look at making your spirit stronger

'Grow' courage. If we always stick with the comfortable, we’ll never push past our current limits and never get stronger in spirit. Our spirit will never grow strong being trapped by fear. We cannot do just what is easy, we have to put ourselves out in the world.

Open up and Open your heart. We are naturally empathetic. Cultivate that trait. You burn very valuable spiritual energy by blocking out the sufferings of humans and animals. Find balance but do not ignore the suffering of others.

Find the Ying/Yang—Balance. It can be difficult to juggle it all – but we can try to spend equal amounts in all areas. Just know that we can’t all be perfect all the time, we just need to be aware of this balancing act. We can identify areas in our life that we’ve been neglecting. We can then adjust until we feel we’ve reached an equilibrium.

Get rid of 'weeds'. Weeds are distractions. The 'weeds' in our lives can be people, places or things. They are time wasters and suck at our spirits, taking the energy out of our lives. They are parasites and they are toxic. So we need to eliminate these sources of toxic energy. How can we easily identify these parasites? They are people, relationships and things that take up our time and emotional energy, but don't give anything back. 

Build your integrity. Integrity is spiritual food. It energizes our 'self'. Being honest and admitting our mistakes and learning from them, builds that inner spiritual strength. Keeping promises is another fortification of the spirit— follow through.

Our spirit and courage will inspire others. Our open hearts will make us closer to those we know and love. Our balanced life allows us to do what we love to do, we have freedom. We then live as an example to others — encouraging them to live a life that is actualized.

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Adam Leipzig has overseen more than 25 movies as a producer, executive and distributor. and has produced more than 300 stage plays and live events, and he was one of the founders of the Los Angeles Theatre Center. FMI


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