What is 'Living Wise'?

Living Wise Magazine

Michael Corthell, Editor & Publisher
''Living Wise'' is an online magazine. Its articles suggest to the reader how to find a close relationship with God, develop a positive mindset, a healthy belief in oneself, and how to live a joyful, more abundant life.
But, what does it mean to live 'Wise'? What are the secrets of those people who are wise beyond their years? Let's have a quick look:
Wise people have had many experiences

The reason why it's said that wisdom comes with age is that, older people tend to have had more life experiences than their younger counterparts. And experience, is one of the true cornerstones of wisdom. (you learn by your mistakes). And they soak up those experiences. It's not just experiences alone that make you wise, it is of course learning from them and not everyone does that. The key is soaking up lessons wherever you are, whether it’s the town where you’ve lived your entire life, or some far-flung location.

Wise people are mindful and see what's right in front of them

Wise people know something, but the interesting thing is not that they know more, about, say, how the Universe was formed — wise people actually know the deeper meaning of things that are generally known. We all know we’re going to die, for example. Wise people have a better understanding of the meaning of that, and therefore live differently. They will emphasis on relationships, spirituality and personal growth rather than on more superficial things.

The wise meditate

In order to achieve that kind of knowledge, reflection is an absolute must. That's why meditation — a kind of self-examination — has long been believed to be a pathway to wisdom. It's a time out of everyday life by just observing our breath, or observing how we feel mentally and physically. Conflicts are realized during this time of calm focus and the idea is just to accept them, whatever they are, and not react with negativity.

Wise people grow by facing problems and finding solutions

People who are considered wise beyond their years have survived a personal crisis, or many, and have coped with them effectively. But wisdom can also come from managing smaller problems — such as a really bad day at work, or someone cutting you off in traffic: These are little crises, and you can say, 'How do I react to this?' Do you get all riled up, or do you look at it from another perspective? Your boss may have had a bad day, or that the man in traffic may have been under enormous pressure to get home for reasons you can't really know, but kindness and understanding of another's plight is wisdom.

The wise have strong support networks

Those who are able to grow and learn from a difficult situations and those who cannot often comes down to one thing; a strong support system. It could be a formal support group, therapy, or friends and family.

The wise 'live and let live' — they are tolerant and compassionate

Compassion is one of the most important keys to wisdom. But, having said that, the human heart is basically very compassionate, but without wisdom, compassion is not very effective. Wisdom is the openness that lets us see what is essential and most effective in any situation. Some people believe that compassion or love is the most important spiritual quality, but they often fail to develop any wisdom. The result is that they end up being a good hearted, good natured fool, a very kind person, but with little or no understanding. Still others like those in science, believe that wisdom can best be developed when all emotions, including compassion, are kept out of the way. (Mr. Spock?) The outcome then is that science has tends to become preoccupied with results, and has forgotten that science is to serve humankind, not to control and dominate us. By thinking this way scientists have used their skills to develop the nuclear bombs, germ warfare, and many other destructive things.

The spiritual path has always seen reason and wisdom as the enemy of emotions like love and faith. Science has always seen emotions like love and faith as being enemies of reason and objectivity. The wise and balanced person, on the other hand, believes (and teaches) that to be a truly complete (holy) individual, you must develop both wisdom and compassion.

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