Keys to Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

Many folks like to prep their meals

The key to healthy, sustainable weight-loss is to find a way of eating that you can do day by day. A way of eating that leaves you feeling satisfied, even satiated after your eat your meals. AND not craving other unhealthy choices.

Despite all of a myriad of diets out there, losing weight doesn't need to be complex.

Simple as it may seem, whole plant foods can be your complete answer.

In fact, coupled with some daily exercise, eating whole food, and 100% plant-based is one of the most straight-forward ways to rid yourself of those extra pounds. 


Your focus should be on whole plant foods, as close to their whole form as possible. THAT MEANS MINIMALLY PROCESSED.

So begin by making foods like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, and beans mainstays of your diet. Add in a bunch of leafy greens, raw or steamed, along with a bunch of fruit, and you're just about set. 

But there is one more aspect that needs extra emphasis. And this is where most other "diets" fail.

It's important to make sure you eat enough at each meal. That right, don't restrict yourself. Focus on when you've had enough rather than eating a predetermined amount. 

Once whole plant foods are the main feature of your diet, and salt, sugar and spices are kept to a minimum, your appetite will reset, it will be more "true". You'll be eating to satisfy hunger rather than being motivated purely by taste or addictive flavorings. 

To attain your healthy weight, and keep those extra pounds off, you need to make sure you're satisfied after your meals, making this way of eating SUSTAINABLE.

For whole plant food meals prepared without oil and with minimal or no salt or sugar, the recipes from Dr. Michael Greger How Not to Die cookbook can help you out.

And to jump-start weight-loss, pick out a few recipes you like and stick with them for a while. For at least a week, rotate through those same recipes. 

This may not be as exciting, but the routine will place less emphasis on the food you're eating. And that's what you want.

Your body will be more in-tune with when it's hungry, or not. And you can use the extra energy to focus on other things, like exercise, spending time with loved ones, or finishing that house project. 

But this doesn't mean your meals can't be enjoyable. They just shouldn't be the main focus of your day. Instead, take more of a food is fuel approach.   

Because that's essentially what it is. And whole plant foods are the best fuel for your body.

You'll find more healthy weight-loss tips and resources in the Plant Based Directory to help you succeed on this lifestyle long-term. Also see the Vegan Weight-Loss Manifesto for an 8 week intensive plan to kick off the New Year!