Who is Like God? You.

God reaches out to touch Adam (Mankind) in the painting ''Creation of Adam'' by Michelangelo.

WRITTEN by Michael Corthell

God has a longing. Is that statement true? Can He want something and want it over and over again like we do? Yes, He can and He does.

''Then God said, ''Now let’s make humans who will be like us. They will rule over all the fish in the sea and the birds in the air. They will rule over all the large animals and all the little things that crawl on the earth.'' So God created humans in His own image. He created them to be like Himself. He created them male and female.''
Genesis 1: 26-28

He longs for a relationship that is more than just a relationship. He desires a relationship that is a partnership. He wants a partnership with us. He wants us to team up with Him. He wants His created beings to reach out and communicate with Him so that He can teach us, FIRST HAND, what is like to be, to become a GOOD soul.

But why? To put into action and manifest the balancing force of the Universe. That all powerful force is Love (there is a question and a mystery here).

He has left us just a little unfinished and imperfect. That little bit of imperfection is used in His partnership with us to both teach us, and advance His universal plan. (That design imperfection is also evident with our fellow created beings; the group of sentient beings we call 'angels').

Your writer sees all people as children of God, in full, period. I consider each and every human being to be Godly and divine in origin, nature, and especially in potential. Every human being has an eternal divine core or soul and is loved eternally by God. Each one of us possesses most (but not all) of the attributes and nature of God our creator.

Our task in the partnership with God is to choose whether or not to live in harmony or tension within that partnership. The 'harmony/tension' aspect of the relationship is where all the teaching occurs.

How has He equipped mankind individually to do this partnership thing you ask? By creating us in His image and there by giving us some of his attributes. Let's look at them.

We know about the duality. Simply, we know about 'balance' and the difference between good and bad stuff. We do not operate in the world purely on instinct. We have to constantly make choices to do good or to do bad things.

We are sentient. We are self-aware and able to sense and feel things (have to capacity to both love and hate).

We are creators. We produce things that have never being in existence before. (this creativity is itself a partnership with God. Our creative intelligence taps into God's infinite intelligence).

We are responsible for life. All life on Earth has been given to mankind to tend and to care for in stewardship.

The above is the short version, but it is a very accurate description of us. So, we are 'like' God. How are we not 'like' Him? Let's look at the 'God Only' attributes:

Omnipresence. Universal or everywhere. We stay in one location in this material world.

Omniscient. Knowing 'it' all. Our knowledge is limited by God. The reason is pretty straight forward: You can't be taught if you know it all.

Omnipotent. All powerful. All mighty. Ruler over all there is. (even a character we have created, Superman, was not all powerful, all knowing or all present. There is a mystery here as well).

First Cause. We human beings can 'make it happen' but we 'didn't start the fire'. God is the only ONE—the singularity that tipped over the very first domino.

There you have it. If someone were to say to you, ''Who is like God?'', you now have the answer:

''We all are like God, because we are the daughters and sons of God.''


(I am presenting the talk below by a self-described atheist, for a specific reason. That specific reason is that she barely mentions that first 'tip of the domino'. However, she does present well, and God  das Blessed her, whether she knows it or not. She states, there is great value in 'just being human'. She is correct.)

The Gifts of Not Believing in God
by Julia Sweeney

Comedian, author, and atheist Julia Sweeney was raised Catholic, with a God who, in her mind, "was like a really loving uncle." Since letting go of God, she has found new meaning and inspiration in the simplicity of just being human, even as she wrestles with what atheism means for her, and most importantly, for her family.