How Can Our World Be Saved?

WRITTEN by Michael Corthell

There is a spiritually, transformative power in the virtues of gentleness, tenderness, and most especially kindness in general.

All of virtues are framed by humility. All of them add up to something that will save humanity and all life on our world. I want you to watch the video at the end of this essay. It will only cost you 3 short minutes. These 3 minutes will show you a certain spirit. A common spirit that needs repeating 7 billion times. That Spirit is coming fast and it will sweep the entire world.

Yes, there is a big change happening in the world right now, and it stands directly in the midst of the narcissism, unbridled pride, corrosive nationalism and down right evil that has gripped America and many other nations recently, equal to the evils of the mid 20th century. 

It is nothing new, mankind has been, in general, an abomination to its Creator since the beginning. What is different now is that man has created 'life' in its own image: Artificial Intelligence. This is the marker. It is just a very stark example that it is always darkest just before the light of the dawn. 

There is also an evil that is disguising itself as patriotism and love of homeland. It's has been around, again, since the beginning. It is a strong delusion so that many good intentioned people will believe a lie. It is what God placed us here to learn. Something simple. Something that every child knows.

It is kindness. Kindness toward one another, plus genuine concern for every living thing.

It is knowing that we are ALL connected. Connected to each other as well as securely connected to God our Creator. It is love.

Kindness is the bridge across all cultures and religions. Kindness is the Light that all major religious and spiritual leaders are speaking of when that speak about the LIGHT.

It is said by many today that what's missing in our world today is kindness and compassion for and to all people and all life. That is simply false. There is much kindness exhibited every single day, however the human race is out of sync, out of balance in the Universe.

The tipping point is rapidly being reached whereby good will overpower evil. The drive toward this fulcrum is being spurred on by the likes of Putin and Trump, currently the presidents of Russian and America. How is that even possible you may ask?

It is possible through the use of negative example. God set these two kings on their thrones for this very purpose. They show, by negative example, just what NOT to do. By their actions, these two very evil men are drawing out all the divine goodness and kindness of and in mankind. All the love that mankind can muster. That is what is about to sweep the globe.

This goodness, and this LIGHT will crush the evil see fomented in places like Charlottesville, Parkland and too many other places.  

Always remember that those of us who practice love and kindness are the salt of the earth and LIGHTs in this world.

Watch this video below and pass it on.