Do You Want Rich?? (First Let Me Define 'Rich')


If you AREN'T rich and want to be rich, THINK DIFFERENT!

Let's see how rich you are right now.

You are rich if you...

Have a Positive State Mind Always (PSMA)

Have good physical, mental and spiritual health

Have harmony in your relationships

Have freedom from fear

Have the hope of achievement

Have a capacity for faith and believing in positive outcomes

Have a willingness to share yourself and what you have been blessed with

Have a labor of love (chief purpose in life)

Have an open mind on all subjects and practice critical thinking

Have a self-discipline and work ethic

Have the capacity to understand and empathize with people

Have economic security (money)

Do you have all or just some of these riches? If you want a life of fullness and freedom (ABUNDANCE) you need to be 'Rich'.

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''Life Adds Up When You Think Positive!''