EDITORIAL: The Pro & Cons of Electronic Digital Signage for Bridgton

Editorial Comment

We read the Bridgton News' article this Thursday, last with great interest regarding the proposed digital electric signage slated for placement on North High Street in front of town hall. We don't have any objection to the use of electronic digital signage, even the $12,000 price tag. In fact a remotely programmable sign that acts like a 'town crier' would be of great benefit to the town.

This publication's only objection would be to place it in the wrong place. Let's look at the right placement for this type of sign. Let's think about placing it across from Food City on the corner of Main and Rt. 302. This will be the perfect spot. It will be centrally located.  People will pasts it frequently going into and out of town. It is also in a commercially zoned area.

There are other potential spots, but to put it on North High Street just doesn't work.

Residents take pride in their homes and their neighborhoods. An electronic billboard clashes and just doesn't fit the nature and the character of that area.


From this (and we don't even like this):

To this, on North High Street? No, we don't think so.