The Monster Who Would Be President — The Sexual Perversion of Donald J. Trump

More Trump tapes surface with crude sex remarks 
Edited by Mike Corthell

The new batch of recordings, released one day after The Washington Post published video from 2005 showing Trump making lewd remarks about groping women, adds to the voluminous evidence that the Republican nominee has habitually said demeaning and vulgar things about women over the course of decades. Trump has never denied that, but has always argued that such comments are meant only to entertain and are locker room banter and therefore do not reflect his respect and love for women.

Respect was not a topic when Stern asked Trump about his relationships with women. The radio host, whose show for many years consisted in good part of seeing how far his interviewees would go in describing their own sex lives and fantasies, found a ready and willing partner in Trump, who at every turn went there.

“Look, I like sex,” Trump said.

Had he had threesomes, Stern asked. Trump confirmed it.

In one of their conversations about Trump’s daughter, Stern complimented Ivanka’s looks and asked, “Can I say this? A piece of a--.”

“Yeah,” Trump responded.

Stern once asked Trump to define “the perfect date.”

“You meet at 7 for drinks,” Trump replied. “You promise to take her to dinner but you never get there.”

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WARNING: Lewd and Graphic Language