Are You Expecting Miracles?

Miracle: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or
scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.
by Mike Corthell

Are you expecting a miracle today?

''Even in the most painful of places, in the most tragic and horrific of stories, love and beauty can unfold in ways we never imagined. Life carries poetry. This is a reminder to watch for the goodness – to pay attention. Don’t let the poetry of life pass you by. Turn the pages of life with expectation for magic, because the miraculous is budding everywhere.''
– Allison Massari

There are many kinds of miracles. There are miracles that heal both the physical body as well as the mind. Sometimes these healing miracles happen with the help of science. Other times people are being healed with no scientific explanation.

The miracle of romantic love. Meeting your soul mate for the first time. Serendipitous! You share the miracle of love with each other. Having the love and kindness of another person seems miraculous to you especially when you don’t expect it.

New life. A new born baby is the miracle of a new soul arriving, a sprouting of the seed you planted in the throws of miraculous loving making.

The miracles of nature. Those beautiful cobalt blue skies, the days when you are able to experience the warmth of the sun, and soft breezes caressing your body.  Experience the peace and tranquility of just being part of nature. It truly is a miracle when you just stop and take it all in.

Magic can truly happen in your life when you believe in and expect miracles. Look for them and when you see them, celebrate them because they don’t happen as often as we would like them to.

Be realistic, expect miracles. The 'magic' can really and truly happen in your life when you believe in and expect miracles. Just like being grateful for what we receive begets more to be grateful for, so the expectation of miracles births more of them. If you are a bit impatient for a miracle to happen, then just be one at your pleasure. Be a blessing to someone today. Do GOOD!