An Open Letter to the Citizens America by Caroline D. Grimm

Dear America,

I know you're all hoping the election will be over soon. I know I am! We'll get through it. Really we will. But then...we really need to talk.

You see, all these allegations racing around about sexual predators and sexual harassment? Forget the candidates and their spouses for a minute. This stuff happens all the time. It's real. It's pervasive.

Ask any woman you know to tell you her story. We all have one, at least. Ask her about a time she felt unsafe, about a time she had to escape or avoid someone, about how she was humiliated or lived in fear.

And ask her why she never said anything. She'll probably tell you she was embarrassed or thought no one would believe her or was afraid of repercussions. Or worst of all, because that's just what being a woman is in this country. It's just what we have to deal with.

So, America, after years of sensitivity training and celebrating diversity and sexual harassment lawsuits, we still have a problem.

We need to talk about that because young girls and young women see what's going on politically, culturally.

We need to do better by them.

We need to have a serious conversation and bring this poison out into the light of day.

And that conversation starts by asking a woman you know for her story.

Ask. I double dog dare you.

Caroline D. Grimm
Bridgton, Maine.