The Gift of Abundance in Your Life

ABUNDANCE: overflowing fullness: a very large quantity of something.
by Mike Corthell

''Life in abundance comes only through great love.''
Elbert Hubbard

What do we mean when we say we want an abundant life? We want a lot of that which makes us and our loved ones happy. The word abundance is most often associated these days with material things and money, but it also refers to the best of things: love and contentment.

Abundance shows up in our lives in the form of health, relationships, finances, jobs. But it is most welcomed when it is manifested in personal and spiritual growth.

The abundance philosophy says that there is enough for everyone, so someone else’s gain is not your loss. This is the opposite of philosophy of scarcity which says that there is only a fixed amount of ''stuff'' so that someone else’s gain is your loss.

So, how do we attract the goodness of abundance?

Here are some ways:
  • Recognize the positive things in your life.
  • Be grateful for all your blessings.
  • Think positive thoughts and act them out.
  • Create a plan with clearly defined goals
  • Meditate, clear your mind.
  • Manage or eliminate negativity
  • Know that the MORE you love, the MORE you are loved.
Living an abundant life means that you can and should be able to enjoy your life in the moment. You don't have to wait for something big to happen before you do. You don’t need certain amount of money. You don't need to have the right kind of success to be happy. You can be happy where you are, right now, with what you have.

Bottom line: Love your life. Be grateful for it. God has a plan. You live for a reason. You belong in the World. There is enough for everyone in our wonderful World...