Patience and Inner Peace: How to Find It and Keep It

Patience is not just the ability to hang out and wait, it is also behaving well while we wait. (photo Mike Corthell)
by Mike Corthell

''A few minutes of patience can bring many years of peace.''

People who describe patience as a trait of weakness but see anger as strength in life will find they can never find peace. Surprise! How many people like this do you know? Quite a few I'd wager.

Here's some help.

One of the most overlooked of all spiritual qualities is patience. We need patience to develop any of the practices that let us build a life of quality, equality and meaning.

Patience is airy, immediately responsive, and very powerful. It is a tremendous spiritual practice  needed in our modern world, and carries the wisdom of the ages. It has everything to do with love.

''Joy is love exalted, peace is love in repose...goodness is love in action.''  — D.L. Moody

Seeing that patience is wise and compassionate we can see that there are great, long lasting benefits  developing greater patience within every relationship we have in our lives. And the beginning of this peace begins with loving ourselves. Find peace within first by accepting and loving who you are and who you wish to become. If we are to be happy we must do this.When we practice patience with others and their situations, with the help of God we will gradually create for ourselves a new life of inner peace, a precious gift.

Once we have done this for ourselves, we then find that if we want our World to be more peaceful, it must start with us by developing a more peaceful world within our own minds.

To find inner peace we must practice patience. To practice patience we must be peaceful in our approach to every situation. Sounds like a 'Catch -22' How do I do that? Start by doing at least one thing every day to create mental stillness. Meditate and daydream. Schedule time with yourself, a time when you don’t need to meet anyone else’s requests, and do something that feeds your mind and spirit. Create a list of things you like about yourself. Have FAITH, a spiritual foundation that believes that all will be well.

Lastly, give. Give of yourself to others. Give thanks for the opportunity to change the world. This giving is love and love is all there is.