Building A Strong Work Ethic

Work: Mental or physical activity as a means of earning income, employment.
by Mike Corthell

Work ethic is a set of values based on the idea that hard work and discipline equal a good quality of life – a purposeful and fulfilled one. Building a reliable work ethic means teaching yourself to follow this idea. Training yourself so that it becomes a habit. Good honest hard work doesn't have to be a struggle.

''There is no fatigue so wearisome
as that which comes from lack of work.''
– Charles Spurgeon

Been feeling lazy lately?

Here are some great workable suggestions to get yourself back up and running, and working productively.

Be on time. How can you work well if you are chronically late? Be dependable.
Be professional. Be calm, polite and cordial.
Be self-disciplined. Stay focused on long-term goals. Don't be side-tracked by short-term gratification.
Be time conscious. Budget it.
Be balanced. 'All work and no play...'' and all of that, recreate and stay healthy.
Be respectful. You gain credibility and are respected.
Be humble. No one succeeds alone. Acknowledge others hard work.

“Nothing will work unless we do.”

We all have to work, and we all do work in some capacity or way, whether we know it or not. Some people work at being lazy just to show others what not to do – a negative example to explain a positive thing. Why not give it 100%? If you hate your job, find one that you like. Happiness take 'work'. Get to it!