Summer of 2016: History Honeys Get Noticed In Bridgton

The History Honeys: Caroline Grimm and Margaret Reimer (photo Mike Corthell)

by Mike Corthell

BRIDGTON, Maine -  Both residents and tourists of this beautiful western Maine town saw something quite unusual on Wednesday mornings this summer. Two pretty ladies from the 19th century strolling through town. No, they didn't arrive in a DeLorean DMC-12 driven by Marty McFly. They are present day Bridgton residents Caroline Grimm and Margret Reimer. Caroline is the treasurer of the Bridgton Historical Society and Margaret is the society's president.

Caroline told this reporter that the primary reason for the creation of the History Honey tour was to bring visibility to the Historical Society as well as bringing attention to local businesses and the positive economic mood in town.

The tour makes approximately eight stops during the 90 minute walk. Both ladies discuss the past and use a notebook filled with historical photographs. The tourists are encouraged to ask questions and much historical information is given. This year's tour starts at the Historical Society on Gibbs Ave. and winds its way down town ending at a different business or organization each time. For example, last week's tour ended at the beautifully restored Wales & Hamlin building on Main Street.
The Wednesday walks are concluded for this Summer. However there is one more history tour scheduled. It will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2016. Its starting point is the Historical Society on Gibbs Ave. It will terminate at the Rufus Porter Museum located at 121 Main St.

Speaking with Caroline and Margaret after the tour, they both spoke of their desire to expand the walks to include other locations such as South High Street and possibly even a haunted cemetery walk in 2017. The cost of the tour is $10 per person. For more information you may call 207-647-3699.