Selling and Friendly Competition

By Mike Corthell

My main competition is me. I am not looking to follow others
or God forbid, pull them down. I try to 'best my best' everyday.

If you treat your competitors the way that you would like to be treated - with friendship and respect - most will respond in the same manner., The results of this will be a profitable business atmosphere. Any industry or market that is made up of vicious, unethical competitors will soon die under its own moral decay. When you are asked how your products and services compare with those of your competitors, speak respectfully and politely about your rivals, but use the question to put the focus on your company and your products. Talk about others’ good points, and then move forward. Don't complain  about the competition because your prospective customers may wonder what they are missing and refuse to buy until they have compared your products and services with those of others.

Maintain your positivity.