How Do I Generate Creative Energy?

By Mike Corthell

It has been said that mankind can create anything that it wishes as long as it believes it can. Napoleon Hill's famous quote is absolutely true: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Creative energy/intelligence stimulates imagination(the process of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses). We need creative energy to fully imagine the possibilities. Here's how to get that energy flowing...

Take a short snooze. The longer we're awake, the harder it is for our brains to store information.  An short nap refreshes our short-term memory and will open the mind to accept and store new information. Make sense? We all think better in the morning and start to get a little forgetful by the end of the day. A good analogy is your email inbox. You can only receive so many emails before your inbox starts to bounce. When we sleep what we are doing is clearing out that inbox so we have a refreshed capacity to receive new emails.
Exercise every day.
Another great way to increase creative thinking is to get your body moving. Take a walk, do yoga, or take a swim every day.
Be a giving person. Give of your time, talent and money to benefit a worthy cause. We can be so wrapped up in our work and our lives. Step away and focus on someone else, we then naturally relax. and take yourself less seriously. All the little things that cause stress and anxiety will become less important when you give and help someone else. Give and feel good, your creativity will surge.

Just by moderating our daily routines a bit and directing our activity we will boost our creative energy.