by Mike Corthell

''Nothing can bring a real sense of
security into the home except true love.''
- Billy Graham

True love is like a powerful drug, albeit a natural one. It warps and suspends time and as I'll say a million more times, it heals. It heals because it nourishes the soul and the spirit of mankind - it fills us up.

True love is a time tunnel that has no end. It has infinite depth and it sweeps us forward to a place of soft peace.

True love doesn't come often, it is extraordinary. You will know it when is comes gently knocking at your door.

When your love smiles, you feel happy. When she is experiencing joy, you feel that joy too. When they are feeling loved, appreciated, and successful, you feel good. That’s what true love is really all about. You value them so much that you want them to be happy in life and free from suffering.

And just as important, you don’t feel envy when they are experiencing success in their life. You don’t get upset that they are making more money than you. Their value doesn’t decrease or increase depending on how much success they are having – or how much success or failure you are experiencing. You both are sharing your lives, the success and the not so successful times, because...

LOVE never fails and LOVE is ALL there is.